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Absolut Research

Absolut Research GmbH is a publisher and research house focusing on institutional asset management in the German-speaking markets. Since 2000, the Hamburg-based company has been providing know-how and in-depth analysis to institutional investors to support their daily and long-term investment decisions.

The publications cover a broad spectrum: from the analysis of specific market segments to the performance of asset managers and their investment products up to knowledge magazines with articles by experts for experts. Absolut Research is committed to independence, neutrality and quality in all our publications. In addition to the successful magazine Absolut|report, which was first published in 2001, Absolut|impact was launched in 2016 as the first publication solely focusing on the topic of sustainability in institutional investing. In 2021 a new publication and platform for private markets was launched: the Absolut|private!

Contact: Michael Busack, Phone: +49 40 303 77 90,

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dpn – Deutsche Pensions- & Investmentnachrichten – is a dedicated magazine focusing on asset management and the occupational pensions industry (bAV) in Germany and published by FRANKFURT BUSINESS MEDIA, the F.A.Z. special-interest publisher. Published in German, the hallmarks of dpn and are critical analyses and articles as well as well-founded specialist contributions written by a team of experienced journalists and renowned experts. Characteristics that have made dpn an essential source of information for all institutional investors, consultants, regulators and occupational pensions experts right from the start. And always based on the dpn motto: dpn – by professionals, for professionals. Focused. Concise. Essential.

Contact: Eve Buckland, Phone: +49 69 75 91 28 08,


IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe) is the monthly magazine for those running pension funds in Europe. Since our first issue in 1997, we have built an influential position within the European institutional investor community, and the publication has an average monthly circulation of 10,300 copies, of which 68% is in Continental Europe.

Contact: Piers Diacre, Phone: +44 20 34 65 93 00,

portfolio institutionell

The monthly magazine portfolio institutionell focuses specifically on the issues and requirements of the institutional community in Germany. We carefully select the most substantiated answers to questions raised by those responsible for investment within companies, as well as highlight critical backgrounds and contexts. The magazine has a circulation of 8,000.

Contact: Oneeba Sammi, Phone: +49 69 85 70 81 52,

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BAI e. V., the central interest association of the alternative investments industry in Germany, sees itself as a catalyst between investors and providers of AI products and is committed to enabling institutional investors to diversify their capital investments more easily and better. BAI aims to achieve legal reforms in the interest of its members and their investors and to create attractive and competitive framework conditions. BAI has around 260 members.

Contact: Christina Gaul, Phone: +49 228 96 98 70,


Hedgework is a communication platform around the topics of alternative, digital and sustainable investments.

Hedgework was founded in 2004 and offers a regular contact point for all those interested in alternative, digital and sustainable investments. Hedgework organizes at least 10 events a year – as an ideal format to keep up to date with presentations by top-class industry experts and to actively discuss with them. In addition, Hedgework produces a podcast every 14 days with proven financial experts on changing topics.

To date, over 10,000 guests have participated in nearly 200 events. Around 1000 subscribers receive the monthly newsletter.

Contact: Uwe Lill, Phone: +49 69 971 24 70,